When Winds Come Convened

Oh how the winds convene,

Oh how zephyrs come

Oh how the gales blow

Oh how breezes hum

For they were convenient

Good for all to blow

For they sought to assemble

They desired to flow

Up through stars skyly

Between branches burdened

among streams briskly

the clouds they beckoned

Vented wound around

drafts drift slightly

squalls sung surround

tempests tug tightly

Note Boreas east zephs

At Aeolus beck enthralled

Never bagged, will inspire

the stillest heart hauled

Oh how the winds came

Oh how zephyrs vented

Oh how gales exclaim

songs breezed haunted

Well that’s enough for the day

The trolls own all the bridges

So boy it is time to swim

Stroke hard to reach the other side

However there you’ll need some vim

For there the trolls do abound

Cracking the skulls of the unwary

And flamers do roam and hound

After all, webs spun are quite scary

However here in these waters      

Beware the sharks of snark

Evade the whales of fail

all the phishies in the dark

In the net you are saved

But on the shore there's war

Watch from tubes, unstaved  

As duped grams are filtered more

Tweaked twits here abound,

where books sadly fade,

ghost alone forever around

like mines spaced, arrayed

So boy on safari go

and swift explorer be

Sing let an opera flow

Glisten like chrome for me

With fast feet,  face the wild

see doge, peer at horses troy

cats cute, kawaii world styled

observe herd of nerds, my boy

For the vine it was done

many tags hashed declare

foxes afire bing my son

as yahoos wild tare

But protect your cookies

for ire nameless strolls

for fire walls, a mask frees

and men become trolls

Yes trolls control the bridges

opposing all crossing  thought

You will wander, why fied

Yet by banhammer they’ll be smot

The grammar of fluidity

In poetry, we adults are once again found as infants even in our maternal waters of language. As children, we learned the rules, memorized the guidelines, believed in the principles. But as adults, we saw there were exceptions. The long broad shadows cast down from the sky means nothing to a child newborn, infant unlearned, and tottering toddler wandering. But to the adult, they see the shadow, recognize the vulture’s presence, and discern that carnage lies nigh, unseen, but quite nearby.

So it is with poetry. As children, we learn words, understand them as nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc, then formulate them into sentences, building from these paragraphs, from which we  construct essays that are published in books to fill our libraries. Yet poetry befuddles this, looking on with magenta mirth, in fuschia fervency, outside the lines coloring us, calling this cute. Since we humans are mortal, we are finite, thus must interact with the world in a finite manner, measuring and comparing, understanding and perceiving, everything through a finite lens that brings structure and order so that our minds can grasp and interact with things.

Simply, we can not transcend the TL:DR, TMI–we must live in medias res and not beyond, for us to understand things. Thus we have made ideas finite in a language graspable, congealed life into sentences manageable. But poetry befuddles this. Poetry sees your sentences, its commas flowing, its conjunctions connecting, its periods ending–but continues on ignoring these with its stanzas breaking, enjambing, alluding, inferring, yet never quite explicitly declaring distinct points

For poetry is the grammar of fluidity, for within her waves we must wade as we learn again how to swim.

Operam Navate et Natate , Infans Natatus

Prologue: On behalf of words

What are you this blog nascent
On topics what do you contain
Within margin which ideas ardent
Will bold brave the pale plain?

Hmm, this query interesting
Topics, list to ponder I’ll present
Ideas: Nintendo, Art, Latin
Enough content worth cogent?

More? I’ll add few notions intended
Mythology, ancient acumen now scorned
Etymology, ignored oddity of origins
Criticism, shade for quandaries mourned

Good and all, yet under what nomen
May such ideas condense in sense
Verbose loquacious but a TL;DR please?
Swift to it, leave us not in suspense

Go towards the work proposed
So Blog, onwards may you start
Flow forwards, with ideas composed
So christened, On Words Thou Art