Well that’s enough for the day

The trolls own all the bridges

So boy it is time to swim

Stroke hard to reach the other side

However there you’ll need some vim

For there the trolls do abound

Cracking the skulls of the unwary

And flamers do roam and hound

After all, webs spun are quite scary

However here in these waters      

Beware the sharks of snark

Evade the whales of fail

all the phishies in the dark

In the net you are saved

But on the shore there's war

Watch from tubes, unstaved  

As duped grams are filtered more

Tweaked twits here abound,

where books sadly fade,

ghost alone forever around

like mines spaced, arrayed

So boy on safari go

and swift explorer be

Sing let an opera flow

Glisten like chrome for me

With fast feet,  face the wild

see doge, peer at horses troy

cats cute, kawaii world styled

observe herd of nerds, my boy

For the vine it was done

many tags hashed declare

foxes afire bing my son

as yahoos wild tare

But protect your cookies

for ire nameless strolls

for fire walls, a mask frees

and men become trolls

Yes trolls control the bridges

opposing all crossing  thought

You will wander, why fied

Yet by banhammer they’ll be smot

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