Good Morning!

His hands clench on

eyes straining shut

grasping for all consuming

darkness to take hold

and keep

but golden arrows burn

opaque red where vibrant black

floated and rocked him

his body limp flails

murmurs harsh from beyond

the darkness, jar the seductive silence

Bat blind, his arm strikes out

a sloth eyeless attacking a fly darting

to fall, soft unfulfilled onto terra umbra

Fury wet, from a goddess incensed

splats the brow, shocking him in the shadows

With glass unbarred clear, divine light assails

the mole uncovered, burrows deeper into

the white dirt, hastily shoved over his mind

But firm shovels strip the cloth refuge

Saturated and burning, eyes open

the mind closed by anger

revels for the ensuing chaos a day away

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