So Poet Wonder


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A fire burned, cauldron fright

A world yearned, raging might

A mind turned, thinking bright

Yet a law spurned, destroying light


For it was night, the poet amused

In the darkness, ideas livid enthused

They screamed lunacy, such laws accused

Disconcerted, ideas vivid slept unused


Poet lies bemused, haltered arts stay

Vibrant in darkness yet dim during day

Stary, the muse sings , a nightly fay

Guiding her poet, in her lunar sway


Thus poet stray, these laws not hold thee

Dive, stroke hard against that strifeful sea

Moon above, create, let worlds witted be

Sleep is for the mourning, so dry that coffee

Ode to hot water

hot water.png

Vir Bonus Meus, Ecce Aquae Calidae! O Quid Vita Bulliens, Hic Est!

Marciel Atopodmas, De Rebus Simplicibus Vitae

O bubbling clarity, shimmering and smoking before me!

O burning cloud, a suspended soaring breath marching

Off, a brisk cascade showered skyward, birthed monstrously!

For here, silver wreathed, does the life giver show its life,

Foam, bubbly and frothy, not dead airy graves lining stagnant waves

Fires broil the flood, steam seethes through the tongues

Yet neither ebbs; the stoic spirit, the consumer absorbed

Yet rages;  with a cool humor, the saturator contained

Yet surges—annihilation foiled, the essences contrasted are inspired.

Their animosity quenched lets life thrive amidst cupped ashes—

Though remaining there, a substantial titan shall lurk, a burg

Threatening: thus gaze aside that the old geyser gushes anew

Mist belched supreme above a simmered creator, bears ostentatiously

Moistened breath, splashing away shrill, calls a bard over

Murmur bursting, screaming as steam cries a ballad out.

It is raining, It is wet

It is raining, it is wet

Boots shoes flips flops plod plosh the soft ground

Mash mush, the earth rises into the shoe

The foot descends on terra pliable wet and mushy

With the mush mash, rise the cut disheveled hairs of the green grass

Pink bloated tubes of throbbing worms

Thick sticky clods of the liquid brown ground

Mash mush they become an imprinted collage on the floor

Splish splosh little boots golosh through

Newly formed lakes and rivers in recess

Created by erosion of the earth shapes, the mini deluge

From their arks the little soles have left

now to explore the world reformed

In which pink remains of former earth shapers lie

In holes from the explorer soles shaping earth

With mash mush splish splosh

For it is raining and earth must be shaped

By the soles of the explorer

See, These Ships Sink

These ships are sinking, we must find a shore secure

Sure, these boats have carried us as is known in lore

Yet these husks are rotten, brim ragged of holes

Sending these sculls to depths, drowning all clinging souls


So save our souls, in a meaning clear

Amend our ardor, truth without smear

Rescue our reason, rend rectitude right

Salvage our spirit, redeem us from the trite


On these waters, we words once meant something

Yet these swells of culture were sadly perverting

So on these oceans of life, new words must sail anew

For under these depths, we must sleep dead, there accrue

The Final Floral Wips!

At last the final Floral WIPs from Happy Herbicide Holiday–Enjoy!

Cineribus Extinctis, Spes Hauriat

I am incinerated

A phoenix did die

I am extinguished

Smoke rises where I lie


I am exhausted

See breaths ending soar

I am desperate

Hope boxed, there stored


So take ashes

Shape me so fire is spurned

So quench me

Fulfill the ends to which I yearned


So draw me up

Inspire breaths within renewed

Give me your hope

Guide me in all gifts imbued