Mmmn Hymn Yumyums

Oh fry that waffle

Oh flip that pancake

Oh sizzle that sausage

Oh burn that steak


For fried be your bacon

Cooked be your hams

Baked be your beans

Roasted be your lambs


It is a feast to eat

So break fast to lunch

Super they call us

To sip tea a bunch


Elevenses remembered

See I got popcorn here

So now pass the jam

Dinner is served, my dear!


Hark, Here Crest the Knight

armor  smaller.png

This knight is dark,

Afeared, a terror

So Zelda come forward

And give me answer


You may have unarmored me

Yet here I still stand

Yes little boy approach

Face my weaponed hand


Any weapon, every time

I’ll give your hearts an ache

It is dangerous to go alone

Here embrace my fist, take


You are excused, princess

Want a spinning hurricane?

Over my dead body

For I’ll not be slain


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Trying to stab back

Face me with courage

Receive a terminal thwack


I am mighty prime

Muscled, glistens my chest

Hey Listen, Tingle’s fairy

You’re nuts, It’s my crest

Quite, quit it

The world laughs at you with disdain

The stars downward dismal shine

The sea sways and snickers

The snow shatts heavily on thine


For the world find you a chuckle

The stars see a dignified derision

So the sea titters with moist action

Low, snow hits twits with precision


So check yourself before you trek yourself

And do a march of shame

For those haha, hehe, huuhuus

State nature finds you lame

The Other Side Has Lied

The grass is greener

the fruit is sheener

the light doth gleamer

on the other side


While life is meaner

And grief is keener

firm your demeanor

They use pesticide


Let mud be serener

the fruit be leaner

and darkness pristiner

though your grass has dried


For our grass is realer

Sorrow’s fruit are clearer

And truth’s light dearer

As we are death defied