It’s Monday . .

so more WIPs from my latest project–Enjoy!

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As Perfections Might Mar

Perceive the perfidy of perfection

Such a perdition it propels us through

For passion in patience, it petrifies

Poisoning any power daring to persevere


For all must be perfect

Such teas accosted if not crossed

See eyes shanked if not dotted

For all must perfected be or lost


Yet might there be another way

Less travel, less hailed, but there

Might exist another route to pursue

where sanity and glory can fare


Though perfection appears pristine

As glory glimmers as a desire succulent

See her golden yet frozen, Midas’ desire damned

As such Galatea carved flawless yet ivory, held cold


So let missed takes make us

Stronger, for not dead we still

Strive,  through all severances

Stand, stay, be made thorough

Through every facet throughout


Thus perfected in patience

Become and be, a passion sustained

Against the knight threatening

Gloved grasps to fall as mares

Attempt to rend you wrecked