Grace Adorned

Last week in Yet Mercy Intervened wips, we left Grace like this:


While most of her form has been blocked out and a lot of the details has been filled out, her locks are still unadorned–let’s fix that:

More curls, twirls, and swirls!


Good old copy and paste, and real colors:

Then lastly, pulling back to see the big picture:

2017-01-07 (18)

Next week, come back as we continue to adorn Grace 😉

Copying the Right Grace

In the Yet Mercy Intervened Wips, for the past couple weeks, we have been going through the wips of Grace.  Last week, we began to add the real colors:

This week we’ll focus on her dress, just as a refresher this is where we left off:

While blocking colors are useful for creating forms, they do not compare to the real thing–so let’s fix that and put the folds in as well:

One of the perks of being a vector artist( beyond simply the Ctrl-Z powers all digital artist share) is that I can copy and paste. So now it’s time to duplicate the right side of Grace’s face, namely her hair:

And lastly, a few more hair and dress details:

Next week, come back for Grace’s flowing curly locks!

Like Rains, Grace flows down

Last week, as we continued going through the Yet Mercy Intervened wips, the spotlight shone on Mercy, flying in to take the brunt of Justice’s deserved wrath.

2016-12-20 (1)

Last, when we saw Grace, she looked like this–blocked out but quite formless.

Let’s change that:

2016-11-11 (3)


First a few general details on her eyes and hair:


More curls, swirls, and twirls:


Next week, more Grace to you–if you come back. See you next week 😉


By these Merciful Wings

Last week, we began going through Mercy’s Wips from Yet Mercy Intervened:

2016-12-11 (10)

But he hadn’t gotten his wings, his true wings anyway–so let’s fix that:


Now, to make Mercy aloft:

2016-12-17 (4)

Like all aerial savvy beings, from airplanes to hawks and even butterflies, Herm-I mean Mercy got a second pair of smaller wings, namely on his feet:

Now to get these hands–well, for Mercy to give Justice–you get the point:

Lastly, a few summary shots:

Next week, we will return back to Grace!