Setting the Stage

Last week in Yet Mercy Intervened wips, we gazed into the mirror and saw wips of us:

2017-06-17 (1)

This week, we’ll turn to peer toward the background, first looking at the columns:

Now to add the real colors to the columns:

The design for the bottom border:

2017-06-23 (1)

A headband to hold all those flowing locks together:


Lastly a recap of everything–and doves!

2017-06-24 (1)

Next week, we’ll go through more wips of the background–See ya then!



Gaze into the Mirror

Last week, in Yet Mercy Intervened wips, we focussed on wips of Love, as shown below.

Love stands, holding a cloth but why? Grace kneels down, casting a caring gaze but for whom? Justice comes from the right, holding scales, with a ruler to strike down justified judgment, but for what? In the way, Mercy hovers, intervening, but for whom? Today, we explore wips of the last character in the picture, us.

2016-10-01 (15)

Disheveled, head downcast, life often finds us in the fetal position, for we are not perfect:


We have made so many mistakes–nothing we could do would or could fix it. This often leaves us on the floor, broken, and immersed within the red:

Yet the debt is still owed, somebody must pay, Justice is coming to collect:


For Justice demands recompense, the scales must be satiated:

Just like his locks, Justice descends and will not be stopped:

So who will pay the debt?

Lastly, as we gaze in the mirror, let’s take one more look at the stage and its characters:

2017-06-17 (1)

Next week we’ll go through the wips of the background got put together–See ya next time!

A Love to Cover All

Last week in Yet Mercy Intervened wips, we focused on Grace and her flowing locks. Now we will turn back to Love. We left her in her stern stone Weeping angel form–Let’s fix that:

2017-02-04 (11)

First, to add details to the cloth she is holding and put warm colors back into her face:


Next, details for the eyebrows and lips:


Lastly, adding a few details to her dress:


Next week, we’ll continue with wips of Love–See you then!


Copying the Right Grace

In the Yet Mercy Intervened Wips, for the past couple weeks, we have been going through the wips of Grace.  Last week, we began to add the real colors:

This week we’ll focus on her dress, just as a refresher this is where we left off:

While blocking colors are useful for creating forms, they do not compare to the real thing–so let’s fix that and put the folds in as well:

One of the perks of being a vector artist( beyond simply the Ctrl-Z powers all digital artist share) is that I can copy and paste. So now it’s time to duplicate the right side of Grace’s face, namely her hair:

And lastly, a few more hair and dress details:

Next week, come back for Grace’s flowing curly locks!