As Perfections Might Mar

Perceive the perfidy of perfection

Such a perdition it propels us through

For passion in patience, it petrifies

Poisoning any power daring to persevere


For all must be perfect

Such teas accosted if not crossed

See eyes shanked if not dotted

For all must perfected be or lost


Yet might there be another way

Less travel, less hailed, but there

Might exist another route to pursue

where sanity and glory can fare


Though perfection appears pristine

As glory glimmers as a desire succulent

See her golden yet frozen, Midas’ desire damned

As such Galatea carved flawless yet ivory, held cold


So let missed takes make us

Stronger, for not dead we still

Strive,  through all severances

Stand, stay, be made thorough

Through every facet throughout


Thus perfected in patience

Become and be, a passion sustained

Against the knight threatening

Gloved grasps to fall as mares

Attempt to rend you wrecked



Cineribus Extinctis, Spes Hauriat

I am incinerated

A phoenix did die

I am extinguished

Smoke rises where I lie


I am exhausted

See breaths ending soar

I am desperate

Hope boxed, there stored


So take ashes

Shape me so fire is spurned

So quench me

Fulfill the ends to which I yearned


So draw me up

Inspire breaths within renewed

Give me your hope

Guide me in all gifts imbued

Yay for Euphemisms!

Yay for Euphemisms

For they explete what we desire

Explaining in oh so many terms

What literally would cause ire


Yay for Eulogies

Grand verboseness intended

To bury heavily a devil in roses

And perfume an evil stench ended


Yay for Eutopias

Worlds perfect as a dream

For every flower is rosy colored

There, unicorns fluffy teem


Yay for Eunomia

As from her, order doth rule

Holding Laws up, yours

the seasons are, cool


Yay for Eunonyms

Oh how you were named good

Huge are you jumbo shrimps

Mountain valleys deep you stood


Yay for Eucatastrophes

As oh this poem forth goes

Yet somehow it will end well

Although purple appears my prose


Yay for Eupepsia

As solidly those beans went down

Inhale that digested glory waxing

Breathe deep that mellowed brown


Yay for Euphony

Oh how we adore your speech

Flowery prudently it purples

Ostending like songbird’s screech


Yay for Euphoria

On everything, oh how the world smiles

Ecstasy enthroned shroomily

Touched by mania’s winsome wiles


Yay for Eureka

As Archimedes exultant yelled

For it shows intellect reaks glory

How  genius stench is spelled


Yay for Eustress

As we are blessed to be

Real in the struggle

Count the lost sanities


Yay for Eutychus

Fortune’s fell gaze shined on thee

Sermons fenestrate renown

A wake-up fall for the sleepy


Yay for Euthenics

The environs say thrive

Educate away the insanitation

Improve function, Humans jive


Yay for Eu

Smile for you are so good

Deeming all fixedly grand

Worth sweet where damned stood


Heavy I sit

or sadly I sat 

for still I stayed

if not flit a gnat

Wind breathed

that inspired goad

bit a cow musing

who a cart towed

Full of mind pondering

heavy the wagon sat

but maddened milker stricken

wheels churned, mud begat

now notion in motion

did vivid verses travail

for that bully charged

leading a wit frail

distracted, the cart drawn

stanzas did forth go

even in lunacy’s yawn

a poem livid did glow

Heifer heaved, heaviness hidden

for here wry runes and rime run

wills witted write unbidden

thus punctually a poesy is spun