Yet Mercy Intervened

Last time in the Yet Mercy Intervened wips, we went couple possible filters for the picture:

Today as we wrap this series of wips up ;), we’ll start with shadows that help the characters stand out from the background:

Oh Mercy, Mercy, so many points:

Now we can gather all the shadows of greatness:

A little more detail work for Mercy:

Let’s zoom out for a quick overview:

2017-08-05 (12)

In Ancient Greek pottery, this project’s theme, often the characters have their names inscribed above, so let’s get to lettering:

Almost there, so close, just a few filter tweaks to bring it all together:

A couple alternate full version renders:

At last, the final version:

justice mercy gloss

Yet Mercy Intervened

Scales sagged with debt
Demanded rightful recompense
Only the perfect could pay
And none of us are

Yet Mercy Intervened
Grace consoled
Love clothed
As Justice was satiated
By Another


So ends this long journey–I hope you enjoyed as much as I did working on it! This is my last post of the year. However, soon I’ll post the 2017 Wip recap for all the projects I worked on this year!

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year,

and remember Mercy intervened 😉




Glory Filtered

Last week, in Yet Mercy Intervened wips, we focused on wips of Mr. Owl, who stately sits in the top corners of the picture with his twin on the other side:

With the picture almost done, all that is left is a few things here and there–so, shall we begin?

Now let’s get funky with these filters!

While that was fun, they don’t quite capture the vision I was going for, so let’s tweak them some more!

Nice alternate colors but still not quite there. Lastly, I tried these final three. Though they were not exactly what I ended with, they provided alternate designs I might go back to mess around with:

Next time, we’ll go through the last set of wips for Yet Mercy Intervened–See ya next time for the finale!

Who Who Who?

Last week in Yet Mercy Intervened wips, we continued wips of the background, leaving the picture looking like this:

2017-06-30 (5)

But something is missing . . . maybe vines will work?


While looking good and all, the vines don’t quite do it. Maybe it’s not something but someone–but who?

2017-07-15 (1)

A nice outline but we must go further–more lines!

2017-07-15 (2)

Ah, there, he is, little Mr Owl! Nice, angular, and wise . . .

2017-07-15 (3)

But with curves, Mr. Owl would be suave and dapper, so let’s start with his head and wing:


Next, let’s give him more rugged curves, focusing on  his tail feather:


Then placing him and his twin in the upper corners to watch over all the happenings below:

2017-07-15 (13)

Lastly, a quick recap of little Mr. Owl, from when he was few angular lines to his wisened regal curves:

2017-07-15 (14)

Next week, we look at wips of the last couple finishing touches–See ya then!

Stately like an Olive Tree

Last week, in Yet Mercy Intervened wips, we focused on the background:

This week, we’ll go through more wips of the background–starting first with the olive trees framing the border:

Next, the shaping of the Lily of the Valley’s that line the top frame:

Then adding color to the flowers while interlacing them with the sweeping flight of the doves:

Lastly a recap of how the picture is shaping up:2017-06-30 (5)

Next week, we’ll begin to wrap up these wips–See ya then!

Gaze into the Mirror

Last week, in Yet Mercy Intervened wips, we focussed on wips of Love, as shown below.

Love stands, holding a cloth but why? Grace kneels down, casting a caring gaze but for whom? Justice comes from the right, holding scales, with a ruler to strike down justified judgment, but for what? In the way, Mercy hovers, intervening, but for whom? Today, we explore wips of the last character in the picture, us.

2016-10-01 (15)

Disheveled, head downcast, life often finds us in the fetal position, for we are not perfect:


We have made so many mistakes–nothing we could do would or could fix it. This often leaves us on the floor, broken, and immersed within the red:

Yet the debt is still owed, somebody must pay, Justice is coming to collect:


For Justice demands recompense, the scales must be satiated:

Just like his locks, Justice descends and will not be stopped:

So who will pay the debt?

Lastly, as we gaze in the mirror, let’s take one more look at the stage and its characters:

2017-06-17 (1)

Next week we’ll go through the wips of the background got put together–See ya next time!