Running through April

April has flown by quite fast—Here are some Wips¬†from April and my latest project, Who is your Daddy?!

The early stages–blocking out the characters and figuring the general form:

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Filling out the details on the empty child:

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Details for the Little sister–Pleats, pleats and more pleats!

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Filling the background with the (butter)flies and fireflies/nanomachines:

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Alternative versions:

I wonder what the next month may bring? ūüėČ

February’s Freshly Picked


Before March brings us a fresh breath of air, let’s remember the original windwaker and how he fared in floral fights, heh heh heh

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Lastly, ¬†a couple alternative versions that didn’t make it–;)

Made using new Inkscape Exclusion layer filter
Made using new Inkscape Hue layer filter
Made using new Inkscape Color layer filter
Made using new Inkscape Luminescence layer filter
Made using new Inkscape Color Burn layer filter

Inkscape 0.92

Recently Inkscape released an updated version–0.92–with couple new key features. Previously Inkscape only had 5 layer blend modes–Normal, Lighten, Darken, Screen and Multiply–which while useful, paled in comparison to Adobe’s Illustrator wide slew of layer blend modes. But with 0.92, that was all changed. Instead of explaining it with words, let’s go through some pictures, shall we?

First, the original 4:



The new and improved selection:

While not every filter will be appropriate¬†in every picture, this increased selection makes an already easy to use,¬†powerful program even more versatile in creating art–did I forget to mention it is also free and has an extensive undo button? (Fyi, Illustrator lacks both of these features) Shade aside, I’m really looking forward to all the new cool ideas I will be able to explore with the improved version of Inkscape–2017 might be an okay year after all.