The Dish Twas Fish

Hook, line and swimmer

Said the sailor seated ashore

For the bait out flung deep

Did pull like fate’s damned tour

Twas a free floater

Twas a clam unchained

Twas health and hale

Twas–now, never the same

Yet while it was

So valiant it flopped

Though beyond the mare

Its strives ner did stop

Yet Fisher hearty did

with heave and hoe

Reeled the line stiff

Yankin the piscine foe

So to shore sent

Flew the fry to be gutted

Suspended as flame lent

Savory succulence encrusted

Hook, line and dinner

Remarked Fisher belly rotund

Twas ere a tasty delight

Twas–now, barely a burp resound


Sleepy Music

With a rhythmic ruse

Doth my gentle muse

my set focus skews

as a poem she cues


thus stanzas here ooze

as verses she doth fuse

shaping shiftly the hues

shadows glistening she brews


thus when I wish to snooze

with thoughts flowing doth she abuse

her poet dear, sleep she doth excuse

but with discordant verses she imbues


So with coffee, ideas will amuse

as a shy vimful lyric accrues

Sleep feints, as rhythms perfuse

thus nightly the fight continues . . .

So Poet Wonder


sensei shy guy.png
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A fire burned, cauldron fright

A world yearned, raging might

A mind turned, thinking bright

Yet a law spurned, destroying light


For it was night, the poet amused

In the darkness, ideas livid enthused

They screamed lunacy, such laws accused

Disconcerted, ideas vivid slept unused


Poet lies bemused, haltered arts stay

Vibrant in darkness yet dim during day

Stary, the muse sings , a nightly fay

Guiding her poet, in her lunar sway


Thus poet stray, these laws not hold thee

Dive, stroke hard against that strifeful sea

Moon above, create, let worlds witted be

Sleep is for the mourning, so dry that coffee

Busy by a Bee

Arrested by imbued grandeur’s glands 

As by a buzz I was stung you see

Nerved to rave, weaving strands

worths verbose, all this by a bee

For that fury desired for me

To write in a wry array

That pollen packer set free

That which would stay

Dear Apis aptly, stare 

See melius melior be

Yet for chap’s sake fair

Leave me instigation free

What, Why, Who?

Where were we

Whither hath we waved

Why words wobble wide

When works witted we craved

Where are we

Oh how a mind can wander

Over such seas and hills

Under mole’s mountains maunder      

When will we

Contained ever be

Such weather wonders

If we ever a stable sea

How may we

Catch dreams fled

On mares, knight roam

To there be led


Heavy I sit

or sadly I sat 

for still I stayed

if not flit a gnat

Wind breathed

that inspired goad

bit a cow musing

who a cart towed

Full of mind pondering

heavy the wagon sat

but maddened milker stricken

wheels churned, mud begat

now notion in motion

did vivid verses travail

for that bully charged

leading a wit frail

distracted, the cart drawn

stanzas did forth go

even in lunacy’s yawn

a poem livid did glow

Heifer heaved, heaviness hidden

for here wry runes and rime run

wills witted write unbidden

thus punctually a poesy is spun

Conceit’s cautious concert

Listen clear all ye near

To my muse err, wondering

Hear now all endowed

For a song's now bubbling

Concert, for within the frame

A lyric cautious prances

Conceit, for the inspiring dame

forged beats, idea advances

Concise, four words terse come

Verbs verbose cut, dodged

Cautious, vims veiled stay mum

yet in lines gleam lodged

Consider dear, all ye hear

Symphony, sound together thought

Thus amused ideas blear

Captured, conceits are wrought