Mmmn Hymn Yumyums

Oh fry that waffle

Oh flip that pancake

Oh sizzle that sausage

Oh burn that steak


For fried be your bacon

Cooked be your hams

Baked be your beans

Roasted be your lambs


It is a feast to eat

So break fast to lunch

Super they call us

To sip tea a bunch


Elevenses remembered

See I got popcorn here

So now pass the jam

Dinner is served, my dear!


On the Whimsy

One day, on a whim I sailed
To find a sea imagined
Vapid, fastly far I travailed
Yet not an iota scavenged

Next day, on a limb I wailed
The dearth of ideas deplored
How yester festered and failed
How today I whimmed for more

Today, with a vim  I hailed
that whim so dear and fad
yet swiftly it wassailed
my failure, fled, a nomad

Someday, a rim availed
this whim I’ll catch for me
but now with sigh exhaled
I’ll traverse this mage sea