In your dreams . . .

haunter offic.png

A little theme music . .  .

I float and haunt

Seethe and I daunt

I traipse and wraith

In your dreams

You writhe and want

Desire and you saunt

You run yet hide

In your dreams?

Night descend and taunt

Mares will run you gaunt

Sphere master you throw

Yet in your dreams

Will I be caught

In your dreams

Peace will be sought

In your dreams

Your desires will want

For in your dreams

There I shall haunt


Sleepy Music

With a rhythmic ruse

Doth my gentle muse

my set focus skews

as a poem she cues


thus stanzas here ooze

as verses she doth fuse

shaping shiftly the hues

shadows glistening she brews


thus when I wish to snooze

with thoughts flowing doth she abuse

her poet dear, sleep she doth excuse

but with discordant verses she imbues


So with coffee, ideas will amuse

as a shy vimful lyric accrues

Sleep feints, as rhythms perfuse

thus nightly the fight continues . . .