In your dreams . . .

haunter offic.png

A little theme music . .  .

I float and haunt

Seethe and I daunt

I traipse and wraith

In your dreams

You writhe and want

Desire and you saunt

You run yet hide

In your dreams?

Night descend and taunt

Mares will run you gaunt

Sphere master you throw

Yet in your dreams

Will I be caught

In your dreams

Peace will be sought

In your dreams

Your desires will want

For in your dreams

There I shall haunt


Sleepy Music

With a rhythmic ruse

Doth my gentle muse

my set focus skews

as a poem she cues


thus stanzas here ooze

as verses she doth fuse

shaping shiftly the hues

shadows glistening she brews


thus when I wish to snooze

with thoughts flowing doth she abuse

her poet dear, sleep she doth excuse

but with discordant verses she imbues


So with coffee, ideas will amuse

as a shy vimful lyric accrues

Sleep feints, as rhythms perfuse

thus nightly the fight continues . . .

Such Rose Dekus Violet

Deku flying in

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Hearts are red

Bombs are blue

You’ve met with a terrible fate

Haven’t you?


Termina, the moon has fallen in love

Tingling happy to greet

So three days at the festival

Undeniably you will meet


Dawns the first day

Ghosts of the past descend

Roaming in for the cows

Hop, hooded bunny, defend


Now we slip into the second

Why won’t time freeze?

Head deep into the snow

There, Goron roll into ease


24 hours remain

Pirates, stay at bay, you wish

From deeps depressed, Zora ascend

At last with Ben, we can fish


Rage is red

Violent is blue

Accept your terminal fate

Link, you’re a deku 

Hark, Here Crest the Knight

armor  smaller.png

This knight is dark,

Afeared, a terror

So Zelda come forward

And give me answer


You may have unarmored me

Yet here I still stand

Yes little boy approach

Face my weaponed hand


Any weapon, every time

I’ll give your hearts an ache

It is dangerous to go alone

Here embrace my fist, take


You are excused, princess

Want a spinning hurricane?

Over my dead body

For I’ll not be slain


Link hyper to this

Trying to stab back

Face me with courage

Receive a terminal thwack


I am mighty prime

Muscled, glistens my chest

Hey Listen, Tingle’s fairy

You’re nuts, It’s my crest

So Poet Wonder


sensei shy guy.png
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A fire burned, cauldron fright

A world yearned, raging might

A mind turned, thinking bright

Yet a law spurned, destroying light


For it was night, the poet amused

In the darkness, ideas livid enthused

They screamed lunacy, such laws accused

Disconcerted, ideas vivid slept unused


Poet lies bemused, haltered arts stay

Vibrant in darkness yet dim during day

Stary, the muse sings , a nightly fay

Guiding her poet, in her lunar sway


Thus poet stray, these laws not hold thee

Dive, stroke hard against that strifeful sea

Moon above, create, let worlds witted be

Sleep is for the mourning, so dry that coffee