The Dish Twas Fish

Hook, line and swimmer

Said the sailor seated ashore

For the bait out flung deep

Did pull like fate’s damned tour

Twas a free floater

Twas a clam unchained

Twas health and hale

Twas–now, never the same

Yet while it was

So valiant it flopped

Though beyond the mare

Its strives ner did stop

Yet Fisher hearty did

with heave and hoe

Reeled the line stiff

Yankin the piscine foe

So to shore sent

Flew the fry to be gutted

Suspended as flame lent

Savory succulence encrusted

Hook, line and dinner

Remarked Fisher belly rotund

Twas ere a tasty delight

Twas–now, barely a burp resound

Happy Herbicide Holiday!

Dedicated to all the ones who will fade on behalf of romantic intentions

Rest in petals . . . .

Happy Herbicide Holiday
In the Mushroom Kingdom, on a sunny day  . . . .

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Piranhas are red

Ice flourishes blue

Clouds puffy low float

As fire blooming grew


Racoon ought, um, make all fly higher

Yet leaves golden invincibility imbues

Cheerio, eat one doubled to two

Smiley, life’s blossoms enliven hues


Flowers picked glories shed

Yet planted glisten with dew,

Verdantly florid–So instead

Mushrooms vase a few in lieu

So tulips stay red

boomerang bloom blue

All flourishing vibrant

peering alive, before you