Yumi Mizu Wips

Wips from my latest project–Bigger version here

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Such Rose Dekus Violet

Deku flying in

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Hearts are red

Bombs are blue

You’ve met with a terrible fate

Haven’t you?


Termina, the moon has fallen in love

Tingling happy to greet

So three days at the festival

Undeniably you will meet


Dawns the first day

Ghosts of the past descend

Roaming in for the cows

Hop, hooded bunny, defend


Now we slip into the second

Why won’t time freeze?

Head deep into the snow

There, Goron roll into ease


24 hours remain

Pirates, stay at bay, you wish

From deeps depressed, Zora ascend

At last with Ben, we can fish


Rage is red

Violent is blue

Accept your terminal fate

Link, you’re a deku 

It is raining, It is wet

It is raining, it is wet

Boots shoes flips flops plod plosh the soft ground

Mash mush, the earth rises into the shoe

The foot descends on terra pliable wet and mushy

With the mush mash, rise the cut disheveled hairs of the green grass

Pink bloated tubes of throbbing worms

Thick sticky clods of the liquid brown ground

Mash mush they become an imprinted collage on the floor

Splish splosh little boots golosh through

Newly formed lakes and rivers in recess

Created by erosion of the earth shapes, the mini deluge

From their arks the little soles have left

now to explore the world reformed

In which pink remains of former earth shapers lie

In holes from the explorer soles shaping earth

With mash mush splish splosh

For it is raining and earth must be shaped

By the soles of the explorer