The Dish Twas Fish

Hook, line and swimmer

Said the sailor seated ashore

For the bait out flung deep

Did pull like fate’s damned tour

Twas a free floater

Twas a clam unchained

Twas health and hale

Twas–now, never the same

Yet while it was

So valiant it flopped

Though beyond the mare

Its strives ner did stop

Yet Fisher hearty did

with heave and hoe

Reeled the line stiff

Yankin the piscine foe

So to shore sent

Flew the fry to be gutted

Suspended as flame lent

Savory succulence encrusted

Hook, line and dinner

Remarked Fisher belly rotund

Twas ere a tasty delight

Twas–now, barely a burp resound


See, These Ships Sink

These ships are sinking, we must find a shore secure

Sure, these boats have carried us as is known in lore

Yet these husks are rotten, brim ragged of holes

Sending these sculls to depths, drowning all clinging souls


So save our souls, in a meaning clear

Amend our ardor, truth without smear

Rescue our reason, rend rectitude right

Salvage our spirit, redeem us from the trite


On these waters, we words once meant something

Yet these swells of culture were sadly perverting

So on these oceans of life, new words must sail anew

For under these depths, we must sleep dead, there accrue

The Fisherman

He threw the gray net out

Bubbles rose as the net sank

And the wind blew on

As the waves crashed against the boat


Only a heavy net

 Of water, kelp came up

 And the wind blew on

 As the waves crashed against the boat


 Like a tornado throwing down a house

 His net flew to the wooden deck

 And the wind blew on

 As the waves crashed against the boat


 For three nights he had thrown his net out

 Battling the waves and the wind  

 Heaving back ropes full of the leaves of the sea  

 In despair, he threw the net as the wind blew on

 And the waves crashed against the boat


 The wind blew

 With the waves crashing

 As his gnarled hands

 Pulled the gray worn net


 Under a crimson sunset

 A boat crashing against the winds and the waves

 Sailed home full of fish and a fisherman  


On the Whimsy

One day, on a whim I sailed
To find a sea imagined
Vapid, fastly far I travailed
Yet not an iota scavenged

Next day, on a limb I wailed
The dearth of ideas deplored
How yester festered and failed
How today I whimmed for more

Today, with a vim  I hailed
that whim so dear and fad
yet swiftly it wassailed
my failure, fled, a nomad

Someday, a rim availed
this whim I’ll catch for me
but now with sigh exhaled
I’ll traverse this mage sea