I Just Sip My Tea

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The trolls be strollin in

emperor clothed they unashamed

Like clouds they be rollin in wind,

thundering like lightning they came

Controversy reeks of disaster

So above like vultures, they glide

Seeking whom they can scour

Simmering, seething in snide

Coming plain, they moan moo with beef

Bulls be brazen, threading in strife stroll

Tis a field, a forum for a foe to be fought

So crying charge, consternation claim control

Words will why, souls will wither

Weather will warp, Woes will wend

For ones simple beyond and abroad

Will weigh whacked, as twits will trend

We weep for Grandma Grammar

See her grave here down below,

see english beautiful butchered,

smh tldr, tmi lmafo lol

Collateral conjectural, who dies matters not here

Cultural contextual, for what was, now lies shot

Cogency calamity, shout louder, inspire fear

Complainers maintain, spew as thou aught  


For this means SORE!



Do you hear that din descending?

Can you feel that impending hum

The trolls beat the war chant

In droves soon tweets will come

For whom, well the trolls

Thumb flexin, tweet vexin, care not

Kermit shaded, inspired in ire

Any target found will be outfought

Ready the canon

Blare loud every horn

Retcon all truth

Demise any who scorn

Bells rung, to ships all called

Correlate toward sober causation

Held hands they sort of once

So stand firm on our citation

Rumors fly, yet we bind them down

Murmurs whisper, amplify their sound

Leaked, mined, there data renown

On the hype train, let us all bound!

TLDR: there, no surprise

I must surmise rows of lines

As length denizens despise

So YOLO XD potatoes vines!



Have a Cup




Have a cup will you, that would be swell

beyond these trees rage the hounding fell

Monday mundane moans and mopes

Deadlines damning detain dear hopes


So grab a jug and gulp it down

Caffeine your guide austere and brown

Empowering the faint their demons to face

Enervating the sluggish, granting pace

Promptly pick between its flavors two

Delight’s tea or coffee’s darker brew

Caffeine employed, danger you’ll abide

Monsters muted, your demons defied

Party partly, pinkies high dear hatter

Denying elevenses would be madder

So my greyed earl be at liberty

harbored in Boston, there floaty

Or instant, two sugars please, King Dun

Roast and grind, Bucking star, my son

Cream the stress expressly by the pot

Percolate black, my heart, as thou aught

So Mondays moan, pardon me while I sip

Adenosine antagonized, a mug I grip

Stroll with Camellia robustly your own

Have a cup, It is dangerous to go alone

As Perfections Might Mar

Perceive the perfidy of perfection

Such a perdition it propels us through

For passion in patience, it petrifies

Poisoning any power daring to persevere


For all must be perfect

Such teas accosted if not crossed

See eyes shanked if not dotted

For all must perfected be or lost


Yet might there be another way

Less travel, less hailed, but there

Might exist another route to pursue

where sanity and glory can fare


Though perfection appears pristine

As glory glimmers as a desire succulent

See her golden yet frozen, Midas’ desire damned

As such Galatea carved flawless yet ivory, held cold


So let missed takes make us

Stronger, for not dead we still

Strive,  through all severances

Stand, stay, be made thorough

Through every facet throughout


Thus perfected in patience

Become and be, a passion sustained

Against the knight threatening

Gloved grasps to fall as mares

Attempt to rend you wrecked


Mmmn Hymn Yumyums

Oh fry that waffle

Oh flip that pancake

Oh sizzle that sausage

Oh burn that steak


For fried be your bacon

Cooked be your hams

Baked be your beans

Roasted be your lambs


It is a feast to eat

So break fast to lunch

Super they call us

To sip tea a bunch


Elevenses remembered

See I got popcorn here

So now pass the jam

Dinner is served, my dear!