The Ends to which Some Err

At the last, summer tends

Ah lass a cool wind strolleth

As now fall brewing rends

Amber where green once showeth

Hold tightly and bewail

For delight will soon fade

Drafts waft in and prevail

Impelling us into shade

Alas does the summer ends

When warmths cooly did groweth

And now fall sadly tends

Winds, with which winters snoweth


Memorete, Nos Sumus Potentes,Tam Valete

Remember we are strong, so be powerful

Remember we exist, so be valiant

So valete, you fears, insecurities, depart

We are life unveiled, truth vigorous, and ways unvulgar

Vereremini, you winds, fly, valete, fare unwell

For we, the last words, verdant with vims valid, are

Quite, quit it

The world laughs at you with disdain

The stars downward dismal shine

The sea sways and snickers

The snow shatts heavily on thine


For the world find you a chuckle

The stars see a dignified derision

So the sea titters with moist action

Low, snow hits twits with precision


So check yourself before you trek yourself

And do a march of shame

For those haha, hehe, huuhuus

State nature finds you lame

The Fisherman

He threw the gray net out

Bubbles rose as the net sank

And the wind blew on

As the waves crashed against the boat


Only a heavy net

 Of water, kelp came up

 And the wind blew on

 As the waves crashed against the boat


 Like a tornado throwing down a house

 His net flew to the wooden deck

 And the wind blew on

 As the waves crashed against the boat


 For three nights he had thrown his net out

 Battling the waves and the wind  

 Heaving back ropes full of the leaves of the sea  

 In despair, he threw the net as the wind blew on

 And the waves crashed against the boat


 The wind blew

 With the waves crashing

 As his gnarled hands

 Pulled the gray worn net


 Under a crimson sunset

 A boat crashing against the winds and the waves

 Sailed home full of fish and a fisherman  


When Winds Come Convened

Oh how the winds convene,

Oh how zephyrs come

Oh how the gales blow

Oh how breezes hum

For they were convenient

Good for all to blow

For they sought to assemble

They desired to flow

Up through stars skyly

Between branches burdened

among streams briskly

the clouds they beckoned

Vented wound around

drafts drift slightly

squalls sung surround

tempests tug tightly

Note Boreas east zephs

At Aeolus beck enthralled

Never bagged, will inspire

the stillest heart hauled

Oh how the winds came

Oh how zephyrs vented

Oh how gales exclaim

songs breezed haunted