Yet Mercy Intervened

Last time in the Yet Mercy Intervened wips, we went couple possible filters for the picture:

Today as we wrap this series of wips up ;), we’ll start with shadows that help the characters stand out from the background:

Oh Mercy, Mercy, so many points:

Now we can gather all the shadows of greatness:

A little more detail work for Mercy:

Let’s zoom out for a quick overview:

2017-08-05 (12)

In Ancient Greek pottery, this project’s theme, often the characters have their names inscribed above, so let’s get to lettering:

Almost there, so close, just a few filter tweaks to bring it all together:

A couple alternate full version renders:

At last, the final version:

justice mercy gloss

Yet Mercy Intervened

Scales sagged with debt
Demanded rightful recompense
Only the perfect could pay
And none of us are

Yet Mercy Intervened
Grace consoled
Love clothed
As Justice was satiated
By Another


So ends this long journey–I hope you enjoyed as much as I did working on it! This is my last post of the year. However, soon I’ll post the 2017 Wip recap for all the projects I worked on this year!

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year,

and remember Mercy intervened 😉




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